The actor who plays Pennywise is gorgeous in real life

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

/ by Quame Zane

The creepy thriller It has already managed to scare millions of moviegoers in a very short amount of time, due in great part to its portrayal of the murderous and nightmarish clown, Pennywise. But, this being Hollywood, the actor behind all that scary clown makeup is actually really gorgeous and far more famous than you might have originally thought.

We've certainly heard about actors going to great lengths to land a role. So, in many ways, it makes sense that Skarsgård's audition process for It involved "a callback, a screen test and sending additional self-tape from Stockholm before it was official," per The New York Times.

It also involved auditioning in full makeup. "I had my girlfriend put on the makeup the morning of, and then I drove through Hollywood in full clownface," he told Out magazine. "I was like, This is really humiliating—the epitome of the Auditioning Actor in L.A. But I'm happy I stuck with it."

The film's director, Andrés Muschietti, approved. "Bill has this incredible balance between childlike features [and] something that can be very disturbing—a very, very intense look," he said. "I wanted him to bring that to the equation. I said, 'In post-production, I might twist one of your eyes to the side so your eyes are looking in different directions,' and he says, 'Oh, I can do that'—and he just did it, right there in front of me."

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