Baptizer Rocks - Doing rock hasn’t been easy

Monday, 29 January 2018

/ by Ghfreestyle

Baptizer Rocks, an 11-member rock music group formed from the Knowledge of God Global Mission church havChurchhad it easy since its inception seven years ago and members believe it is due to the genre of music they do.

 Some of the comments the group has been hit with suggest the genre of music they do is ungodly although the lyrics of the songs are not. The leader of the group, John Lawrence Fuakye told Showbiz, the group has been through some trying moments.

“Apart from the difficulty in finding the right sound engineers to handle the kind of song we do, the church lost most of its members when it was revealed the group is going to do solely rock music. “So if most of the church members can quit because they feel we are losing focus, how much more the rest of the world.

But Ghanaians are now gradually accepting the kind of songs we do and I know we will get there” John Lawrence said. Their works include I Live Forever More, Spirit On Me, City of God, Mirror in Your Glory and City With All Wall and John Lawrence believes they will soon be the toast of Ghanaians.

 “Ghanaians are now getting used to our style of music and we have a strong conviction we will break through soon because we do great music”, he added.

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