Meet Hergurson Joseph Upcoming Ghanaian Fashion Model & Footballer

Saturday, 7 October 2017

/ by Quame Zane

Hergurson Joseph, Born in Accra , grew up in Bubiashie at North Kaneshie, Life was rough when he was growing up without parents, His mother died when he was 5yrs ,Joseph never knew anything about his father, after decade he was then informed how his Father passed away,The only relatives he knew was his siblings, God was his main focus in life as well, he loves football games, music and workout.
The dream of this young man was to become a footballer since childhood, Joseph felt thats what he could do best in life according to him he always have that in mind day in and day out with passion.
His colleagues use to call him Rooney when they play friendly match around, but when he was growing , skills in football was outstanding, now he’s being addressed as junior Ronaldo.

Mr Hergurson never dreamt of being a model he was embark on that journey by friends and family and now he’s among the few best up and coming models in Accra Ghana, Joseph Hergurson is contesting for Face of Accra Fashion Week 2017.

Source: Quame Zane

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