Shameless Afia Schwarznegger Posts: “The Battle Is The Lord, The Pussy Is Mine”

Sunday, 10 September 2017

/ by Quame Zane



Afia Schwarzenegger has reacted again to the news of her sex scandal and she’s shameless about it. In the new post she made on Instagram, she said that, ” the pussy is hers” , suggesting that she can choose to sleep with whoever she so pleases with.

Only a woman with no shame, would post something like that and have the guts to even say the battle is the Lord’s–Why are you Nana Akuffo Addo?LOL


Her family members want us to believe her marriage ended 3 months ago, that is in June but hust this August 9th, she posted a picture of her family with her estranged husband in it, pouring praises upon praises on him and how every woman is praying for a husband like him.
In one of the audios leaked, she called her husband a thief, a wicked man, a jobless man and challenged him to go and get a job and that she’s tired of taking care of him.
Cheating seems to be in her DNA. If she was not married, I would have understood her but for someone who actually took a loan, just so the man can marry you and then you go bang another man just so you can raise money? Who are you really?
Afia knew from day one that the man was jobless and broke but she didn’t care as she was very desperate at the time to get married again just to give people pressure.
She painted a certain kind of picture on Social Media—She created an illusion that didn’t exist, so I don’t just get her excuse for cheating.
Sister Afia, you knew the guy was jobless and broke from day 1, which is why you took a loan so he could marry you, so stop giving us that cheap excuse and admit that you fvcked up. STFU already on Social media.

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