Moxkito Writes : How Long Will Dansoman And Some Ghana Beaches Be Termed As Borlar Beach

Friday, 31 March 2017

/ by Ghfreestyle

I woke up this morning with a feeling to move to the sea side. I was quite obtuse settling on the exact beach I will be moving to. For convenient sake I planned to move to Bojo Beach but I have been there a lot of times so I needed a new experience. Dansoman beach became the next option but since is not rated as one of the best beaches in Ghana I concluded that the side attraction there wont be enough for my satisfaction.
I still made it a choice to move there but planned not to stay for long because I will be exploring the nearby cities. Around 11am my journey started and around 11:30 I was at Dansoman last stop. Few metres away I discovered this restaurant right adjacent the road. Basically I was attracted because I saw orange juice right in front of the restaurant and natural juice is my favorite so I went closer and asked the waitress if the orange juice is sugar free or not. She confirmed that it contained sugar and I was like then you don’t want me to buy because I don’t take sugar.
I entered the restaurant and saw all kinds of foods but I still preferred the juice but my fear was the sugar. I had no option than to get a local food because I didn’t want to move to the beach side with an empty stomach. So I requested for one ball of Omo Tuo with groundnut soup x fish but the waitress asked …. Will that satisfy you? I smiled and I said yes I want to be light because you can’t be full and swim. After I ordered for Cocoa drink which contained sugar but I ignored my fears
In about 30 minutes I was able to leave the restaurant and I finally landed at the beach side. I looked around and didn’t find any place to keep my things in case I want to swim. I saw one woman selling so I communicated with her to keep my things and she priced me 2 cedis.  I entered the sea but was scared so I monitored the woman almost every minute because I had stuffs in my bag. After like 30 mins I went for my things and decided to move to my next destination but she kept it well and after I thanked her.

I decided to move to my next destination by walking by the beach side. I didn’t know where I was going since trying is no harm so I kept moving but closely I monitored the people around because I wanted to see how they live. Finally I approached a river separating Dansoman and Chorkor. In order to cross I had to remove my sneaker,pull my jeans up and walk bare-footed. I will leave my personal experience here and discuss the social challenges I witnessed.
Am here to write without favor and I wasn’t impressed with the environment. Dansoman is one of the nicest cities in Accra so why is their beach the opposite. How long will people refer Dansoman beach as a borlar beach. Such a lucrative area going waste is painful. Why will I want to live in Dansoman city but not around the beach side. If I had the power like I will re structure the whole beach side including Chorkor with a lot of side attractions like boats, coconut trees,hotel,mall as well as tight security with a decorated light to turn the place on in the evening. I know this is possible considering our resources. The only thing left now is a step so I suggest to the Minister of Tourism to pay homage to dansoman beach because it can generate  a lot of revenue for the country. God bless my homeland Ghana

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