PROFILE: New artiste, Big Ben, introduces himself unto the scene

Monday, 20 February 2017

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Dike Benedict Uchenna, was in Jos City, the son of a couple (Mr. & Mrs Dike ) from Aboh Mbaise Imo State, Nigeria on 11 th January 1995. He had his elementary education at St. Monica private school (Nursery and Primary), secondary education at Baptist High school, Jos and further continued his tertiary education at All Nations University College, Koforidua, Ghana. Seemingly he wanted to read medicine but he could calculate better than rudimental biology, he fused in both. Based on that he now reads medical engineering whereby he is rated as a straight A student.

He had an encounter with music at a very young age whereas he grew up listening to songs from his music idols; Brandy, Chris Brown and Ben Carson; neurosurgeon and pediatrist which proved to be very revelatory moment in his life. His mother recognized her son had been absorbed in music and his love for music (talent) was enormous; she bought him a guitar to constructively keep him busy and also nurture him into an environment in which he could grow into whatever area of music he chose. His mother was delighted with her son’s elfin charm and how he displays his versatility with the guitar, therefore his mother always accompanied all his musical ideas, even so Dike was not a balloon headed individual but a curious student who loves to really understand anything that pops up his way, he is academic jim-dandy, socially mid-sized and does not really make time to mingle with friends because whenever he is free (leisure time) he does music or anything related to music.

He cools off with lawn tennis, watching movies and dancing if he is not doing music.
It is important to address the fact that, since he discovered his musical prowess, he has been able to teach & create music himself alongside music production. This has been one of his greatest achievement and his mum has been supportive because he believes in his dream.

He is a little star amongst his peers and had shown love for music and song writing from an early age (6 years), he also represents an allegory. Dike Benedict Uchenna popularly known in the showbiz circles as Big Ben doubles up as a singer, song writer and a sound engineer.
Benedict had a couple of stage sobriquets but because he was born a progressive thinker, he had dreams of escalating at a very young age so he bestowed Big Ben on himself as his stage name. At the age of 14 years, Big Ben started producing and building beats in high school, at that time period he had written a Christmas, anniversary and his first ever heart break song. He has a brain of a creative genius, though his talent did not come natural, his inner passion and drive allowed him to devote his time and energy towards Afro soul . While his peers were getting into trouble, he gravitated towards music.
In spite of that he was much instrumental on his academics with special love for medicine. Within his heart, his inner voice was cajoling him to let his voice be heard.

He is yet to garner local cum international recognition because the kind of music he does is a touchstone of subconscious demonstration and soon his songs will flow like avalanche of abundance. His craft is full of wordplay and meaningful perspective of changing lyrics. Moving forward, Big Ben is a deep seeded individual who loves to inspire and better people to better himself forever. He taps inspiration from challenges from society, time, stories, words from great people, his mother, environment and last but not the least he composes his lyrics in such a way every one can relate to. His talent is his greatest motivation.
His payoff for becoming a person of character, for exerting his willpower and self-discipline to live consistently with the very best that he knows has tremendously landed him an opportunity to be signed onto a record label, Harmony Records, all thanks to Mr. karl Hauth C.E.O and Mr. Chris Azumah co-founder of the label. Big Ben is currently working on his EP.

Big Ben believes music serves as a means of expressing ones emotions; he expresses himself through music, he relaxes his nerves through music and most earthshakingly, music happens to be part of him that he cannot control. Inasmuch as that he loves to experiment with music because he is not limited to the craft. With his engaging personality, he has bumptiously set out to make his mark in the arts industry through Afro soul music.
The idea about Afro soul is to combine afro (Africa) music and merge it with soul music in the sense that it is calm but still groovy. The genre has not really gained concrete grounds yet, but it is still maturing. Ben is driving a wheel of change by impregnating into African’s an ideology about African music, which is one of his biggest goal; Changing African mentality towards music. His focus is to be an eye-opener with the genre whereby Africans will learn and embrace what we have as Africans and stop dwelling on foreign music.
According to him “it is more like we allow them (foreigners) to determine if our music is up to standard or not whereas we already have good music. Why allow the foreigners to tell us our music is good or not?” These are not the exact words he said but they represents the essence of what he said. This was what informed his decision to nurture the genre. He intends to create an awareness which will be bent on us (Africans) embracing what we have and capitalizing on that fact for the betterment of the genre. With good planning, determination, high level of self esteem, discipline, self respect and self pride, Big

Ben is down to move up the ladder of music evolution and become a person of high character through the genre. His efforts to uplift the genre will come to fruition from this moment moving forward because he is laced up to bridge a gap between musical generations.
Though it is going to be a difficult task for him, his phenomenal tonal quality, musical composition/concept, blue-sky thinking ability, he is poised to undoubtedly give birth to the creation of a singer, stepping out militantly with a unique voice and armed with lyrics and an accompanying musical sounds, set to capture his place on the map with Afro soul music. Again he wants to be recognized as the guy who changed African music with his genre Afro soul . Africa and the world at large should be on a lookout for Big Ben.

(Written by; John Claude Tamakloe)

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