Interview: Skitzo Interviews CEO Of London Le Blanc; Danielle Craig

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

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United States based entertainment personality; Danielle Craig, is an entrepreneur, a radio host and the CEO of the entertainment Magazine “London Le Blanc”. She is obviously one of the most hard-working women in the entertainment world and cuts across all areas. From fashion, music, celebrity and just anything connected with Entertainment.
She was interviewed by Skitzo; a music producer at “Go Dumb Music Group” and an entertainment critic. The interview revealed who Danielle really is and what inspires her to break boundaries! Check out the interview below….
Skitzo- When did you decide  you wanted to start a career in the publishing field?
Danni- Hmmmmmm  it was like 13 years ago in Florida I saw a Mag called Ozone owned by a woman and I remember thinking if she can do it I can do it to. I used to cut out pictures from other publications and glue them on construction paper and make my own make-shift magazine it was called “Real Talk although it was never published it was the beginning stages of manifestation.
Talk about the law of attraction here I am 2 yrs later, owner & editor of 2 of my own magazines. Prior to that I always wanted to be featured in someone’s Mag like “Word Up”  because I had plans on being a famous rapper, and actress lol.
Skitzo- Though you started your magazine here in the United States, what drove you to shoot towards creating more of an international magazine?
Danni-  Well I have a background in Real Estate which led to me becoming a commodities broker doing import/export and I realized it’s a whole world out there to explore and my dreams are bigger than America. Furthermore I love different cultures and learning to say hello in different  languages. Sooo I knew if I went global I could connect people with people from around the world and bring something new and exciting to the entertainment industry.
Skitzo- Where did the name London Le Blanc come from?
Danni-Oh my goshhhhhhhhhh. It means the white London in French. However that’s not what I meant lol, I wanted an upscale name for my cosmetic line so I came up with London Le’Blanc. And as you can see I’m branding myself so I call everything I do “Le’Blanc” something.
Skitzo- How did it feel when you published your first major artist in London Le’ Blanc?
Danni- Ummmm I dunno it was crazy…all of them felt the same…like a dope accomplishment.  My first major artist was a Ghanaian recording artist named Shatta Wale and he was flying high back then, and he had just won multiple awards. It was such an honor.  I still love “My Eye Pon Di Money.”
Skitzo- Most people stick to a focal point in their magazines, for example modeling, acting,etc, what made you incorporate them all into your magazines?
Danni- Well because I didn’t want to get bored. And I wanted to be able to capture everyone’s attention and I was able to do just that in my other magazine. Besides, it was kind of a marketing tactic as well on my part. I figured the more people involved the bigger my network would be and it worked.
Skitzo- What advice would you give those interested in starting or following their dreams? Danni- Just do it. Think about it, get a plan together KEEP THAT SH*T TO YOURSELF, don’t tell nobody unless they are involved…and go for it. No time like the present time.
Skitzo- I understand you have two magazines out at this time, dropping both on a monthly bases. Could we be in for a treat for magazine number 3?
Danni-Yessssssssssssss sir. I actually started working with my photographer last year on this project. I’m not giving a release date or name just know the models will be smoking hottttt, and Rated R not suitable for children.
Skitzo- What do you feel have been the most important keys to your success?
Danni-  Faith, patience, persistence, hard work, and I’m NOT taking no for an answer. I’m not anywhere close to where I want to be but I’m no where near where I was.
Skitzo- How many campaigns have you been involved in or help start or even started on your own?
Danni-  #OperationLightsOn to raise awareness for the billions of people living without electricity. I participated in an anti bullying campaign, and now my latest one Latex Or No Sex…the STD rate is crazy.
Skitzo- What is Danielle’s goal for 2017?
Danni-To be the best Danni I can be, and to practice what I preach and continue to lead by example. Oh yeah and I’d like to make my first million this year…it would be soooooo nice right? LMAO!

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