FDA’s Decision To Ban Bleaching Products Is Praiseworthy - Dee J

Monday, 9 January 2017

/ by Ghfreestyle

Accra, Jan.9,- Hip life Artiste, Dee J known in real life as George Darko has expressed excitement and as well commended the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), for banning the sale of skin lightening chemicals containing hydroquinone.

He said most people were clueless as to the real contents of the products they use, regardless of the effects they come with, however, in the quest to make one’s skin glow there were healthier ways; by consulting an aesthetician or dermatologist before applying any cream to the skin.

In an interview, the Artiste emphasized that people especially women who often bleach their skin damage their natural beauty, permanently, and this gives room for skin infections and other complications.

He said Dr Chukwudi Ukpaka, a UK-based Consultant Physician, in his research, raised the awareness on the causes of kidney failures and warned against the use of bleaching creams.

Dee J noted that according to Dr Ukpaka the bleaching creams contain mercury and other heavy metals that enters the body through the skin, soak into the bloodstream and hence travels to the kidney and does not go out through urine.

He said after a period of time they accumulate and break down the kidney, adding that “a lot of people who require dialysis were caused by their use of bleaching creams”.

He said considering all the effects bleaching poses, there would be a need for all stakeholders particularly the Ministry of Health and its partners, to highlight the effect, as a way of discouraging people who had interest in bleaching.

Dee J said these stakeholders could highlight and tackle areas including ‘damaging of the skin, skin cancer, body odour as well as weakness of the vein.

He said all and sundry must work towards initiatives that focus on preventive healthcare than curative healthcare, adding that “ if we all fail to address it now; then government should be prepared to spend more money on victims, in the future”.

Dee J revealed that he has released a song dubbed: “bleaching” to support his awareness campaign, as such, the released intends to highlight the effects of bleaching, and not to mock anyone.


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