Trotro Tractors Limited Wins British council Duapa Challenge Season Two

Thursday, 1 December 2016

/ by Quame Zane

Great news for farmers all around the country as Trotro Tractors limited a social enterprise emerges the winner of the British council Duapa Challenge season two.

Trotro Tractors is an innovative which uses mobile technology to give simple solutions to big problems farmers faces during their farming activities.

Trotro Tractors provides help for farmers by creating platform for them to easily and speedily carry out their activities using tractors. By winning this year's duapa challenge, the team will be able to reach out to more farmers in the country which in turn contributes positively to the nations economy.

The British council Duapa Challenge is an early stage social innovation support competition providing seed capital, business incubation, social mandate training and exposure to the UK for an already existing and viable social enterprise. Duapa Challenge connects leaders of viable early stage social enterprises to the leading local social impact incubator, to provide support from “idea to market”.

Out of over 200 companies who applied, 12 where screened and only 5 made it to the finals which took place on Tuesday the 29th of November 2016 at the British council.
The five finalists who pitched their business ideas includes, Tiny David limited, Nova Agrisystem, Cow Tribe,Ethical Africa and TTL (Trotro Tractors limited). The contestants went through four weeks of entrepreneur training to further enhance their business ideas.

They were judged by Nii Arday Clegg (Ghana) and Peter Mc Clawson (Uk) among others. As winners TTl will receive GHC10, 000 seed capital,business incubation with the British Council Skills Hub and an opportunity to visit the UK on a social enterprise project and to access the UK Market. 

Cow Tribe who emerged 2nd position will also have the opportunity to visit the UK on a social enterprise project.

Season 1 of the competition unearth a social innovator Amin Sulley, CEO of ZaaCoal – a social enterprise that produces char coal from coconut husks. ZaaCoal competed with 12 other social entrepreneurs in 2015 emerging as the overall winner taking home the cash investment and travel to the UK.

Amin pitched his business to UK investors and met with potential customers for his product in London. ZaaCoal in less than a year has opened a factory in Accra producing environmentally friendly charcoal for the Ghanaian Market.

The British council Duapa challenge forms part of the British Council’s Global Social Enterprise programme which draws on the UK’s expertise to support the development of social enterprise in the UK and other countries.


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