Rapper/Producer "Moxkito'' To Start Radio Tour In Tamale As Well As Donations To Support Social Development

Thursday, 1 December 2016

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Moxkito is one of the prominent talents in this music industry who is not just doing music but also influencing the lives of people in the positive and productive way. Recently he released his album titled "Hopes,Hurts an d Fears" and he toured a lot of radio platforms in Accra.

He has taken it upon himself to hit Tamale this time after the election and it wont be just tour but also he is ready to donate books,chalks, solar lamps and cloths to the deprived areas.

He also pledged to build a bore hole in one of the regions through his NGO which will be launched in the near future. Below is what he posted on his blog

I will be in Tamale after the election for a radio tour and in my own small way I will try and donate solar lamps, exercise books and chalks to the deprived areas.
Since a  long time ago,  I developed the interest to set up an N.G.O firm to support my community but I was a bit reluctant because of other responsibilities. Am not all that sound now but as I will be in Tamale for a tour, I will try and at least donate something and after it will be my road map to fully start my foundation.
My focus is not on profit or seeking sponsorship because I understand the game. I will invest my effort to do what I can and if is attractive I know more hands will come in to join so currently I will finance everything directly from my pocket.
If the firm succeeds, my next step will be an establishment of a bore hole. As a new youth and victim who schooled outside Accra, I know the challenges I went through during my high school days at Begoro all because of water. I had to switch school along the line because I realized our focus  was on how to survive not how to learn and pass the final exams. To me I was facing a misplaced priorities so i tried hard to get to Benkum Senior High School in Akuapem which was a bit a okay for me and am glad I came out with good results. My senses did me right. I know Begoro is still improving and am still looking forward to a better day to move there too.
With my music am very glad to reach that far. A radio presenter in Tamale reached out to me for this tour and am glad that my hardwork is been appreciated.
I will soon list all the priorities for my foundation to really enlighten people on my plans and how we will achieve that. Thanks for reading and keep your eyes on my blog for more information. Bless.

Its amazing to see young a talent do all these. All he needs is your support and we promise to keep you updated with this event.

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