Amerado - Lecture (Fa sor hor Cover)

Thursday, 1 December 2016

/ by Mohammed Muhi-Deen
Amerado has once again torn a cover apart! He calls this one ‘Lecture’ done on Sarkodie’s “Fa Sor Ho” cover produced by the young beat king; MOG.
This is one good reason I won’t hesitate listening to any song Amerado releases. He is full of surprises and he wows me anytime he releases something new. I have heard a couple of covers and refixes done on “Fa Sor Ho” but this is very different and appealing than most of the ones I have heard. Concept is humourous and real at the same time!
Amerado talked about music in general on this cover, and acknowledged how the people of Ghana react to music automatically. So basically, ‘Lecture‘ teaches musicians about certain things they can take note of if they really want to enjoy their career and not getting hit by frustration of any kind. Things he said in the music are funny but true!


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