Top Five (5) Great Songs By "Moxkito"

Monday, 7 November 2016

/ by Ghfreestyle
Its fresh week and today we are bringing our top five great songs by music icon "Moxkito". Back to back, moxkito has released a couple of great songs which deserves to be re highlighted.  We will focus on songs off his new album and singles released this particular year.

1. Buy You A Drink : Buy You A Drink is a hit afrobeat song with a different style from Moxkito . Consistently on radio, this song is receiving massive airplay and gradually is becoming peoples favorite. For years moxkito was doing hardcore rap so this song was a different trend for him. it goes a long way to prove that Moxkito is a versatile artiste. The song was produced and mastered by Moxkito


2. Me Dwene Me Ho Anka : This song got a feel good rhythm and it came off his new album "Hopes,Hurts and Fears".  The song that talked about how he worked extra harder to win a girls heart. The song featured "Demokracy' and was produced and mastered by himself


3.Nothing Is Too Much : Moxkito is a charismatic performer with clear ambition to be something large and inspirational, showcasing his talents in his song “Nothing Is Too Much.” Hailing from Accra, Ghana, Moxkito clearly has an ear for crowd pleasing hip hop and pop music. “Nothing Is Too Much” makes a valiant attempt at hard hitting chorus, supplemented by some smooth flowing raps, and great production. The song talks about how one has to still push beyond limitations


 4. No Honor Among Thieves : No honor among thieves means that they steal from each other and therefore disrespect one another despite the fact that they are in the same profession and need to stick to each other. There is no loyalty in this world since a thief will thieve from anyone.


5.Generational Thinker : This song talks about how one has to plan about the future because is only one chance to live.Lyrically mox delivered well on this beat.


 Interestingly, he got more great songs but we must stick to the rule since we said five. You can also send us more songs from moxkito that you like and we can publish it for another time. Thanks for the time and have a wonderful week.

Source : Quame Zane

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