LEAK: Deon Boakye - Coded (Feat Yaa Pono)

Saturday, 5 November 2016

/ by Mohammed Muhi-Deen

All can attest that we are not in the habit of leaking songs but just for this once, pardon us. When a song is this groovy and these artistes sit on it for long without sharing with the world, it seems unfair. We received this tune from a confidant (name withheld). Silky-voiced singer signed to HotBoy music who goes by the name Deon Boakye and Yaa Pono collaborated on this piece to do something most people can relate to.
Not the ordinary day song you will hear from Deon Boakye but Yes he did it. To add more spice to the piece, he adds Yaa Pono on it to make it perfect


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