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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

/ by Mohammed Muhi-Deen
The Kings and Queens Colour Foundation is a non-profit that is setup to empower young people to build and maintain healthy and lasting romantic relationships through education, counseling and carefully planned activities. This is to purposefully create a society in which women and men can get married and maintain a healthy and successful family life.
The foundation also aims to make information on healthy family living easily accessible. The foundation has been in existence since December, 2013 and was founded by Mrs. Fatimah Amoadu.
Over the years, the foundation has been involved in a number of activities which have been in line with its core function and its reason for being. Some of the activities are listed below;
School outreach programs for Junior High Schools
Serving as resource persons on Radio and Television
Arranging Dates for our clients
Providing Counseling services to our client
Vision and Mission
The vision of the foundation is 'to purposefully unite singles in marriage and provide the necessary tools to help them build healthy family lifestyles'.
The mission of the foundation is to harness the experience and global knowledge available and place them at the disposal of young single people to enable them make the best choices as regards starting and building a healthy family.
Beliefs and Core Values
We believe that the family unit forms the basic building block of every society and that a society with good families will have the best future possible. We place premium on this guiding philosophy and ensure that it guides every decision and action of the organisation.
This guiding principle is what informed the no-profit nature of the foundation.
We respect our clients and place a high premium on them as well as their needs. We value their opinions and take all their feedback with seriousness. We treat them with dignity. We treat all entities and individuals that we come across with dignity and decency.
We are highly committed to ensuring that our society is better and we move to great lengths within the confines of our power and ethics to ensure that we build families and relationships that will make our society better. This is our only motivation and this is what drives the whole organisation.
We ensure the highest levels of confidentiality in all our dealings. We invest in technology and infrastructure to ensure that our clients' privacy is ensured. We have a strict need-to-know policy within the organisation that ensures that limited information on our clients is shared.

Service Offerings
One of the greatest challenges faced by the modern isolated single is simply the opportunity to meet other eligible singles. We provide a wide pool of singles in an immediate face to face setting. There are three classes of this service; silver, gold and platinum.
A group of ten male adults and ten female adults meet and eight minutes duration is provided for personal interaction with each other and a score sheet is provided where assessment is made
 This works out just like silver but it has a smaller group within a targeted working class. The time allocated is fifteen to twenty minutes per each conversation with a maximum number of five males to five females.
this creates an opportunity for a client to meet five eligible dates (male or female) and make a choice for a second date.
With the recent increase in divorce and marital abuses, the foundation seeks to provide information in the form of counseling to:
Empower and usher people into marriage
Help couples maintain a healthy and successful marital life
Improve behavioral and emotional management

Family Health Support Unit
We undertake issues relating to:
Parenting methods
Family development and disease prevention and management

Grooming and Life Coaching
When the foundation identifies problems relating to attitudes, character, fashion, etc. participants are trained to bring out the best qualities in them.

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