Blurr - FuckUp (Feat King Paluta)

Friday, 28 October 2016

/ by Mohammed Muhi-Deen
The Kumasi soldier Blurricane AKA Blurr breaks his silence with a humorous jamming Hip-Hop/Trap masterpiece titled “FuckUp”.
The term is used to refer to something that’s messed up, or something that didn’t go right. Bar after bar, Blurr hilariously drops lines which are clear messed up situations.
He had assistance from King Paluta, who has a distinguished voice; and in my opinion owned the song. I mean, you have to listen to understand the level of creativity of these 2 artistes.
Denswag of Tubhani Muzik is obviously busy; cos lately almost all songs coming from the territory of Kumasi are produced by him. Great piece!


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