Video: I was raped at 18 – Ruth of 'Mentor' fame

Thursday, 29 September 2016

/ by Ghfreestyle

Ruth Williams, music reality show, Mentor One contestant, has disclosed that she was raped at age 18 by someone very close to her.
The singer recounted that the horrific incident scared her so much that she was afraid of men.
Speaking in an interview on Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM on Tuesday with Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye, Ruth urged women and young girls to speak up about rape and abuse.
“I have gone through rape before and I know the experience when it comes to rape. I feel that it is about time that Ghanaians, Africans… address these issues and solve them. There are little children whose fathers are sleeping with them and they can’t talk about it.”
The singer, now called Esi, noted that she was in secondary school at the time and she “was too naïve” she couldn't gather the courage to report the incident to the police.
She urged young women and kids not to be frightened by threats from men who rape or abuse them. They should report such incidents, Esi added.
Watch the interview below:


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