Simple, Catchy And Marketable Names Can Take Musicians Far — Nana Callback

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

/ by Ghfreestyle
Nana Callback formerly OnePesewa of the good old Mframa Hiplife Group, has thrown a challenge to Ghanaian musicians to create simple catchy and marketable names to help build their brand and to stay relevant on the showbiz scene.

According to the ‘Feeli Gadochi’ hitmaker, names of artistes in the music industry are what turned out to sell the musician and also easily adored by fans.
“This is an advice I have personally shared with most of our upcoming artistes because using strange non-marketable names could affect a person’s music career. It has a lot of implications on your brand,” Nana Callback passionately emphasized.

Nana Callback who is presently promoting his rap single 'Ohene Kese' which featured Asa Khalifa made these observations on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM the midmorning show with Hajiah Sokoohemaa Melody and her production team.

Nana Callback recounted some of the bitter experiences of every musician where it seemed so hard even get a producer, let alone record a song.

“In 2000, Obrafo introduced me to DKB Productions and then around 2003, efforts to record at DKB productions failed so I moved on from there. DKB Productions didn’t give me any chance whatsoever to record with them. It was really tough.”

He said everything started picking from 2005 and 2006 where he managed to form the group Mframa which had Dada HalfCo and they recorded 'Feeli Gadochi' in 2006 which later became a mega hit in Ghana and across Africa.

"This was the song that brought us to the limelight where we were opened up to international connections and playing shows abroad as well."
Nana Callback expressed his heartfelt gratitude to KB Productions, especially DJ Dannyfii Abrantee and Kofi Chupa.

He advised young and upcoming artistes to keep pushing and doing the best of things that matter in the music industry.

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