SUMANGURU RETURNS - The Legend of a Flamboyant King

Saturday, 20 August 2016

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The 13th century King of the Sasso people, Sumanguru Kanté, The man that lead his army to Seize the territory of Koumbi Saleh, returns to Accra situated on the plains of the former Ghana Empire,  A territory he once ruled, on 08-08-2016 for the annual CHALE WOTE STREET ARTS FESTIVAL.

His anticipated return will lay more emphasis on the belief in immortality in Sub-Saharan Africa for Kings according to African folklore. The flamboyant and rich king, Soumaoro (Sumanguru) Kanté will be portrayed as a villainous sorcerer-king in a powerful long flowing costume and sunglasses and a red hat. According to the King's main escort,  Abdul Ibada, the King's costume will be a representation of the past and present and the future-hence the sunshades and the hat to lay more emphasis on the Law of Immortality.

Legend has it that after a perceived defeat of Sumanguru the War Lord and his Army to Sundiata Keita at Kirina, he fled into the mountains of Koulikoro, where he "disappeared" after being shot with an arrow with a white
rooster crest on it- the only weapon to which he was vulnerable. His symbolic return is accompanied by his bafalon with magical powers after regaining procession of it. It is believed that the bafalon was stolen by Sundiata Keita's djeli, "Balafasseke Kouyate" during that era.

His mission for this visit is to erase segmentation in religion [Verbal elaboration will be provided by the King] and to also educate on peaceful coexistence in modern day politics even in an election year on the Land he once ruled.

He now lives in a Baobab tree within the west peninsula of Africa where he rules millions of our ancestors.
This is believed to be his first appearance from immortality after his disappearance and it is anticipated that he will only appear again after 1000 years.

Catch a glimpse and take a photo today. You might not live for another thousand years.

The concept was written and designed by elebrated Ghanaian Art Director and Concept developer,  Yaw Sarpong-Kumankuma and his compatriot artist Daniel Tetteh Nartey of the Liberation Artist Movement of Ghana.  Daniel also doubles as the Model for the King with Tijani Pepe as Abdul Ibada.

Yaw Sarpong - Kumankuma

The king is set to arrive around 12:00GMT

©ChaleWote Street Arts Carnival

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