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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

/ by Ghfreestyle
Artist: Moxkito
For the the past two weeks the Beat kunfu A.K.A Moxkito have been working hard on his new Released song "feeling no y3 deep" and he has 20 songs on his just released album entitled Hopes, Hurts and Fear.
This album came into existence through his hardwork, dedication, perseverance and support from love ones.

The Rapper shared his experience on his social media platform, telling how dissapointed he was, when radio presenters would barely play his songs . Nevertheless he showed appreciatoin to supporting bloggers as well as some djs.

Below is what the rapper posted on his Facebook page:

Consistently I have released good songs that can be a hit but because I lacked air play, People didn't really hear about the song. I know "Feeling No Ye Deep" will blow so easy if the DJs really start playing it. 

At least now I can hear my song on radio but am looking forward for it to be consistent so that I can get results. All these while, I worked with bloggers because some of them understood my struggle.

''there are bloggers  who only download my songs and listen but wont post because everyone wants to be paid'' but still is no blame game but I can only hope for a change.
 Saying this I want to  thank Quame Zane, Fiifi Adinkra, Babybash & Nii Atakora for their support.

Article By : Quame Zane (Gh Freestyle)

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