The Internet Was Effective In Catapulting My Career - Rapper Reefer Tym

Sunday, 31 July 2016

/ by Mohammed Muhi-Deen

46,000 people have accessed his Instagram page. Call it just another new act, but Reefer Tym is set to create a phenomenon.

Before making his first record, Reefer Tym had Mr. Smoque to convince; The producer who spotted the star quality in Reefer Tym at first look. It was that, and the music was another part of what he brought to the table.
Reefer, known as Edmund Addo, was born in La, Accra on January 17, but has been moving a couple of times due to his education. At 1 day old, the rapper moved to Tema with his Grandmother but only to endure introversion. Although he was financially average, Reefer never failed to find attraction of the city that offers thick music influence.

"I ain't have nothing to do, just go to school," Reefer recalled. "I used to be real smart, a straight A student. But music affected my grades, I ain't gonna lie."

 It was there that he grew his desire and got introduced to the music world. However, his education kept pressing in and while he was in JHS 3 of Queensland International School, his father took him to live in La. Smoque taught him to make beats and even record, an experience regarded priceless by Reefer.
Thinking that he had left his opportunity to be a musician behind, Reefer never expected that it took more than just talent to reach success in music industry. With better condition, Reefer was able to access the Internet which proved to be very effective in catapulting his career.
Through the technology, he started recording songs and movements. Together with Smoque, he set up his home studio and record label called The Zeit Sound Lab and Zeit Records respectively.

"First we uploaded songs to Hulkshare, where people can comment on your songs, rate them, and download them," Reefer explained on his attempt to claim fame. "We were getting good responses, so I set up my website, to help push my name."

At the same time "If You Can't You Must", a full-length album is being prepared to shake hip-hop culture by the end of this year.

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