I knew my acts were not funny - David Oscar confesses

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

/ by Ghfreestyle

The worst thing to happen to any comedian is to be told in the face that their act is not funny. That was the fate David Oscar suffered. The former Laugh A Minute actor on Viasat 1 got a lot of sticks especially on social media with many complaining they were bored stiff with his act. In an interview with Joy News’ Beatrice Adu, he revealed that he was aware of viewers’ complaints, but could not help it. “For PR reasons, I was not allowed to speak about it,” adding, “I auditioned with several others and was brought on as a host. When I was given the job as a host, I had a team of scriptwriters who would sit with me and whatever scripts they give me we will go through.” He said they then put the scripts in themes and go to the studio and put the script on the teleprompter. “Basically, what I was doing was presenting a show. I don’t think I was doing stand-up comedy, but because I felt there was not too much education about what the various forms/genres of comedy is, people wanted you to make them laugh,” Mr Oscar explained. According to him, viewers were interested in him making them laugh without taking the time to find out what was going on behind the scene. The show has since been taken off the screens.

Source: Ghana | | Abubakar Ibrahim

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