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Monday, 16 May 2016

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Mindstorm Creations (MSC) is a powerhouse in Accra, Ghana specialized in the digital arts such as Film, advertising, Music Videos, Photography, music production and Post production. Mindstorm is a company that loves to experiment. Being able to come up with new renovative ideas and see how we can bring them to life.  
Mindstorm Creations was born in 2013 and founded in 2015 by Simon Akologu and Key members Rayhab Crayem, Ibrahim Ismael, Victoria Rice, Gerald Okanta, Kingsley Boateng and Quame Zane. And the face of Mindstrorm Creations Razan Crayem.

Mindstrom Creations is currently working on their first Action film called District 233. Story by  Simon Akologu. Written Screenplay by the talented Rema Mayfair. Fighting chreography/Idealist by Rayhab Crayem and Ibrahim Ishmael. Musical Score/SFX by Kingsley Boateng AKA D'Enigma and Bright Kwaku Baffuor AKA Pewezel. Film Directed/Edited/Vfx by Simon Akologu and assistant director Patrick Nyarko and John Mike AKA Jeneral Jay.
A film about two group of police officers form various divisions trying to capture one man that plans to destroy Accra, Ghana for certain reasons. But what both groups dont know is that the situation their  getting into is alot worse than they actually think. They would have to put their prides aside and work together as a team to not only save Ghana, but perhaps the whole world.
Starring Kingsly Boateng AKA Kaysuite, Bill Kweku Jude, (MTV's Shuga) Leonora Okine, Rayhab Crayem, Ibrahim Ismael, Victoria Rice and Tega Baah. And special guest form Crystal Amankena Sika AKA Lousika, Quame Zane, Ninja Production and many more. Therefore stay tuned. Its time to take things to a whole new level

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