Moxkito "Hopes,Hurts & Fears" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist and Documentary

Saturday, 14 May 2016

/ by Ghfreestyle

Moxkito has released the official  cover artwork for Hopes,Hurts & Fears today (May 14) through his facebook and Instagram account. The Ghanaian rapper stated that his album is slated for 23rd June,2016 which is his birthday. Explaining the concept for the album he said "What we do is just build on what we got and take it to the next level, I think that's what this project is all about. Touching the streets with Hopes and introducing them to my new album, which is titled Hopes,Hurts and Fears."

Moxkito's album is slated to have 20 songs and include features from Kofi Mante, Jabs, Lyza,Bernie Hitz, Paddy Biribisey,Demokracy, Ellis Ennin and G.U.K Band.

The Hopes,Hurts & Fears tracklist is below:

1. Nothing Is Too Much
2.No Honor Among Thieves
3.Feeling No Ye Deep
4.Generational Thinker
5.Dream Is Success Story
6.Me Dwene Me Ho Anka Feat. (Demokracy)
7. City Of Dreams Ft ( Bernie Hitz and Jabs)
8.Afia Pomaa (Ft Lady Ziggy)
9.No Time For Man To Help (Ft Kofi Mante)
10.I Dream Say We Made It Big (Ft Paddy)
11.Generational Thinker Remix Feat (Kwaku Shocky and Kofi Mante)
12.Thinking Like a Living Legend
13.Harmony (Ft G.U.K Band)
14.Hopes,Hurts and Fears
15.Power Moves 'Till My Casket Drops (Ft Lyza and Kofi Mante)
16.One Night More Remix (Ft Paddy and Ellis Ennin)
17.One Night More
You All That I Wish For

19. Setey (feat. Paddy Birirbisey)
20. Nothing Good Comes Easy

Finally, he added the documentary to tell the story behind this whole project. Watch below.

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