How Bisa Kdei Rescued Becca’s Career

Saturday, 23 April 2016

/ by Ghfreestyle
Rebecca Acheampong, known in showbiz circles as Becca is perhaps one of the best contemporary female musicians Ghana has produced. Her debut studio album, Sugar, released in 2007 established her with five nominations at the 2008 Ghana Music Awards with its lead single “You Lied to Me”, adjudged Record of the Year.
Becca’s ascension under the guidance of Kiki Banson seem to be a match made in Heaven until after the surprising breakup of working relationship. It is however not hard to say that Becca’s career lost a bit of shine in the aftermath of that breakup.
Her ‘Hwɛ’ single in spite of a wide range of marketing gimmicks barely made a dent on the music scene. This is where Bisa Kdei came to the rescue.
Capitalising on a “relationship” with perhaps the hottest individual act in the country, Bisa Kdei, Becca’s “Hwɛ” has been reworked into a masterpiece. It must be said that the story of a “romantic relationship between Bisa Kdei and Becca was not a bad idea. Many bought the story of the new found love of Ghana’s favourite queen and its hottest prince.
Dozens of social media posts, hundreds of news stories, well planned citing of the “new couple” all contributed to what many did not know at that time as the upcoming remix of the song
Then came visuals of the song which depicted two adults in some kind of romantic relationship. Neither Becca nor Bisa Kdei has been on a show without the host asking a question on their perceived relationship. And as such news items drive traffic to websites, they are subsequently published for consumption.

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